simple and creative, yet not simplistic

We are technology-driven, we are algorithm-focused, but our hearts belong to a simple, well-designed product.

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Our desire to create simple, useful solutions that satisfy our human needs is reflected in the Japanese word "honto", which translates as "reality", "fact", and "really". The beauty of our solution is not the technology that goes into it, but the way it's put together.  

The second part of hontolab, "lab", implies that simple, but not simplistic solutions can be found through a systematic and playful process. 

"There is something enjoyable about finding the best way of doing something."


"Hontolab  provided outstanding statistical analyses of customer behavior and trends. Their expertise and mastery of data mining and predictive analytics found important patterns in our spatio-temoporal data where others had failed. They built forecasting models that helped us improve decision-making and providing value to our project stakeholders. The team was outstanding when presenting the information to non-technical audiences. Their slides and explanations were clear and resonated with the audience. They were amazing to work with and we would hire them again in a heartbeat."

Michele Savino, Business Analyst Marketing & Digital Interaction at Swisscom AG

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